Chihuly Workshop Announces Newest Print

Chihuly Workshop Announces Newest Print

Chihuly Workshop announces the release of its newest print, Viola's Reeds.

"In Finland, we started making these long, cylindrical pieces that looked like spears. This was an exciting new form. It was the first time we ever made anything like that. They can be taken anywhere—they can go outside. They are very strong pieces, and they are very dramatic." —Dale Chihuly

Viola’s Reeds captures Chihuly’s spontaneous approach to work on paper while revisiting the Reed form he created in Finland in 1995. The composition features a collection of tapered Reeds, accentuated by purple handwork, on a metallic background shifting from violet to blue violet. Viola’s Reeds is hand-signed by Chihuly and numbered in pencil.

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