Dale and Leslie Chihuly - Passport 007

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for being an important member of our extended Studio family. As you’ll see in this edition of Passport, we have many exciting things happening, but none is more important to us than the work of The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to inspire and educate the public regarding all forms of art, and to provide support to artists and art organizations. All of us know arts funding is in peril in so many areas. We want to make sure you know about some important work the Foundation is doing in this area right now, and solicit your ideas and opportunities in an area we are beginning to think about with even more research and rigor - Art Education.

But first! In 2010 we made our most significant Foundation grant to date: a three-year commitment to Seattle organization Artist Trust, to annually recognize two Washington State artists who are forging innovation paths in their particular field. Why give through Artist Trust when we could just establish a fund for artists ourselves? It’s simple. We want the Foundation to forge multiple connections and opportunities through each and every gift. This three year grant is the largest individual artist grant available in Washington State, and in 2010 acknowledged two very special artists as Arts Innovators: Leo Berk and Margie Livingston. Very well deserved! And we can’t wait to see who emerges for the 2011 and 2012 awards. But, through engaging Artist Trust as our giving partner, we were also able to raise their visibility and opportunities. A real win-win.

Given what you briefly know about the Foundation, how do you think we should begin to think about the area of Art Education? Everything is fair game to start the conversation – funding, policy, convening panels and conferences, creating materials and so much more. Who do you think does a good job, and what are the biggest needs to be filled? What organizations and individuals should we be talking to? Click this handy link - The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation - and write us a note right now! We want to hear from you, as we know this is something you care about as deeply as we do.

Best wishes in all of your endeavors in 2011!

Dale and Leslie

Chihuly Passport Edition 007
Welcome to Chihuly Passport, the latest updates on Chihuly exhibitions,
galleries, and events.


Exhibition Updates

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
Nashville, Tennessee

Before the exhibition closed on November 7, 2010, more than 240,000 visitors saw Chihuly at Cheekwood - a more than 600% increase in their regular attendance. Additionally, a “Chihuly free-day,” offered in celebration of the Garden’s 50th anniversary, was enjoyed by more than 8,560 people.

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art

Chihuly: A New Eden

Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park
Grand Rapids, Michigan

During Meijer Garden's 15th anniversary celebration, Chihuly: A New Eden broke attendance and membership records, attracting more than 643,000 visitors from North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. The exhibition closed on October 31, however, the Garden maintains a collection of Chihuly works, including a large Persian Ceiling Sconce created for the cafe.

Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park

Gallery Updates

Litvak Gallery

Tel Aviv, Israel

December 11, 2010 - April 30, 2011

Litvak Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel is hosting its first Chihuly show, featuring a cross section of work from various series and several large-scale installations such as a two-tiered Chandelier and a Persian Window as well as new Silvered Venetians, Jerusalem Cylinders, and Ikebana. Dale commented that it feels as if he has come full circle by being back in Israel a decade after the wonderfully successful millennium project, Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem.

Litvak Gallery

Imago Galleries

Palm Desert, California

Opening March 26, 2011

Five years after their successful exhibition of Dale’s Mille Fiori platforms, Imago Galleries in Palm Desert, California will host a new exhibition of Chihuly artwork opening on March 26, 2011. The exhibition will include never-before-seen White works and will also feature works from Dale’s Silvered Venetian and Silvered Ikebana series as well as a Fiori installation and two magnificent Chandeliers designed specifically for the gallery space.

Imago Galleries

Project Updates

Ahuja Medical Center

Beechwood, Ohio

Installed November 2010

Situated on fifty-three acres in Beachwood, Ohio, the brand new Ahuja Medical Center features the Ahuja Azure, Citron and Amber Persian Wall. Comprised of one hundred and twelve Persian glass elements attached to stainless steel armatures, the sculpture is visible to visitors in both the main dining facility and the two-story glass entryway of the Medical Center.

Ahuja Medical Center

Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building

Stanford University
Stanford, California

Installed October 2010

On November 3, 2010, Dale attended the dedication of Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier, which was generously donated to the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at Stanford University by the friends of the My Blue Dots organization. Dale’s vision was to combine his art with the science of stem cell research for cancer treatment. The three-tiered Chandelier is thirty-three feet high and twelve feet wide and will serve as a beacon of hope and healing in the atrium of this world-class research facility.

Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Facility

Addison Gallery of American Art - Phillips Academy

Andover, Massachusetts

Installed August 2010

The Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts recently added ten Black Niijima Floats to their sculpture collection. Installed on the Gallery's green roof, the Floats make a bold addition to the museum's tranquil and pastoral setting. The academic museum serves as a resource for students attending Phillips Academy.

Addison Gallery of American Art

Eastman School of Music

Rochester, New York

Installed October 2010

The prestigious Eastman School of Music commissioned a Chihuly Chandelier for the newly renovated Eastman Theatre's Wolk Atrium. The Chandelier will be featured in a book titled, The Eastman Theatre: Fulfilling George Eastman's Dream.

Eastman School of Music

Amiri Air Terminal


Installed October - November 2010

Chihuly was given the distinct honor of creating a series of artworks for HH The Amir of Kuwait. Travelers arriving at The Amir’s private air terminal will be greeted by a procession of unique chandeliers, starting with a majestic Desert Flower at the jetway entrance. The Amir will then lead his guests to a vast ceremonial hall, where above their heads a dramatic night sky scene unfolds with sixteen amazing Star Chandeliers. The project took two and one half years to complete, including a seven week installation period. The artworks were viewed by a multitude of heads of state and visiting dignitaries on February 25, 2011, when Kuwait celebrated its 50th National Day.

Washington Square

Washington, D.C.

Installed October 2010

Lerner Corporation recently installed a Fiori in the lobby of their headquarters building in Rockville, Maryland, and now have incorporated a Chihuly artwork in their Washington Square building in downtown Washington, D.C. The latter building, which has undergone a complete renovation, presents the Washington Square Persians and Icicles as the focal point of the lobby. Visible to pedestrians from the sidewalk, the sculpture will be a beacon of shining red glass at night.

Washington Square

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Fantasy Gift 2010

The Chihuly Lap Pool was featured as a fantasy gift in the 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Launched each year with much fanfare at the Neiman Marcus flagship store in Dallas, Texas, the annual Christmas Book is highly anticipated by shoppers around the world.


Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

April 10 - August 7, 2011

Beginning April 10, 2011, Dale will present the major exhibition Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Comprised of recent and early works, the exhibition will be on view in the museum's new Art of the Americas Wing.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Dale Chihuly's Northwest

Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma, Washington

May 21 - September 25, 2011

Celebrating his Northwest roots, artistic influences, and inspirations, Dale will present Dale Chihuly's Northwest at the Tacoma Art Museum with works to include Baskets, Seaforms, and Blanket Cylinders.

Tacoma Art Museum

Portland Press

Chihuly Box Set

Available now

The Chihuly Small Book Series Boxed Set covers nearly thirty years of artistic innovation from the glass artist and his team. The individual books within the set trace the development of a series, from the monumental Chandeliers to the prismatic Macchia. Each book is illustrated throughout with handsome full-color images representing a wide range of projects and includes a DVD that chronicles the design and glassblowing process.

Chihuly Small Book Series Boxed Set

Chihuly Pergola Umbrella

Available now

The Chihuly Pergola Umbrella, sporting a sleek and distinguished black exterior, opens to reveal a stunning representation of Chihuly's Pergola Ceiling installation awash in heady yellows, reds, and oranges. Portland Press is offering two styles: the classic stick umbrella and the travel-friendly mini folding umbrella. Both are made with a durable polyester fabric and Teflon coating for additional waterproofing and stain protection.

Chihuly Pergola Umbrella

Chihuly Color Pencil Set

Available now

In the spirit of Chihuly's passion for drawing, we have created these brightly colored tins that contain 24 colored pencils and a sharpener. The tins are a perfect gift for young and emerging artists who are ready to explore the creative possibilities of a boundless palette. Available in three colors: chartreuse, teal, and purple.

Chihuly Color Pencil Set

Chihuly History

Chihuly Window at the University of Puget Sound

Tacoma, Washington


Fifty years ago, Dale’s mother, Viola, persuaded him to enroll in the College of Puget Sound (now the University of Puget Sound) in Tacoma. Dale returned to UPS in 2000 to install the Chihuly Window above the Wyatt Hall entrance.

University of Puget Sound

Lectures and Appearances

Seattle City of Music Awards

Seattle, Washington

October 6, 2010

The second annual Seattle City of Music Awards were presented at the Showbox at the Market on October 6th honoring this year’s recipients: Brandi Carlile, Clarence Acox, Scott Brown, and Maestro Gerard Schwarz. The awards - Piccolo Venetians - were created by Chihuly.

Seattle City of Music Awards

Pilchuck Auction

Seattle, Washington

October 15, 2010

Dale and Leslie were proud supporters and attendees at the Pilchuck Glass School annual auction, which presents the best in contemporary glass art and showcases works by emerging as well as established artists.

2010 Pilchuck Auction

Seniors Making Art Auction

Bellevue, Washington

October 23, 2010

Founded by Dale in 1991, Seniors Making Art (SMA) is a non-profit organization that enhances lives of seniors through creative expression. Dale and Leslie showed their support for the organization by donating artwork and attending the annual Seniors Making Art Gala in October. Proceeds from the Gala directly benefit SMA.

2010 Seniors Making Art Gala

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011

Palm Springs, California

January 8, 2011

Dale and Leslie attended the 22nd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, where Robert Duvall and Javier Bardim were presented with awards created by Chihuly. The annual black-tie gala at the Palm Springs Convention Center honors the best achievements of the year in cinema by a celebrated list of talented actors and directors.

2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival

World Superyacht Awards

World Superyacht Awards

May 7, 2011

Two Chihuly-designed awards will be presented at the 2011 World Superyachts Gala on May 7, 2011 at London’s Guildhall. Attended by the elite in the superyacht industry, the event brings together the world’s top designers, builders, and owners of these spectacular vessels.

2011 World Superyacht Awards