Seaform Pavilion

"I love to go to the ocean and walk along the beach. Glass is so much like water. If you let it go on its own, it almost ends up looking like something that came from the sea." —Chihuly

The Seaform Pavilion is a ceiling made of 2,364 objects from Chihuly's Seaform and Persian series. Seaforms have soft, undulating sides and rims, and feature delicate, flowing forms and colors. Persians, the exotic cousin to the Seaforms, are a rich variety of cones, flasks, and roundels with spiraling ribbons of color. Placed on top of a fifty-by-twenty-foot plate-glass ceiling, the forms are suspended in midair and make dramatic use of natural light. Fluorescent lights augment daylight on cloudy days and illuminate the pavilion at night. The tinted glass side walls of the pavilion allow viewers to immerse themselves in the space without distraction. As visitors walk under this pavilion, they experience a seemingly underwater world of glass shapes and forms a few feet above their heads.