San Marco Square

Santa Maria della Salute from San Marco Square

A neighbour watches the installation of a chandelier from her window

Chihuly and friends take time out for a photo at Pino Signoretto's studio

The Rialto bridge

View on the Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute from the Accademia Bridge

The Chihuly team's taxi driver, Francesco, takes a lunch break with his dog

A Chihuly team member prepares a glass bulb for installation on the Canal

Chihuly discusses with his staff how this chandelier will hang

Chihuly throws large glass onions into the canals

Chihuly uses a canoe to view his chandeliers from another vantage point

The Chihuly team transports boxes of glass chandelier parts by boat from the warehouse to each site

A scaffolding is built to raise the team up to the site of installation