Venetian Wall

"The glass behind the Venetian Wall is facing south, so it gets light all the time. You can sit and view the Venetians on concrete benches facing the pavilion and be enveloped in color and shape." —Chihuly

At the Venetian Wall the pedestrian sees an eighty-foot installation displaying 109 Chihuly sculptures. The Venetian Wall is a rich array of objects from three of Chihuly's series: Venetians, Ikebana, and Putti, which provide a unique opportunity to see how one series inspires another. The Venetians are exuberant sculptures with origins in Venetian Art Deco glass. Ikebana are quiet pieces, created in the spirit of traditional Japanese floral arrangements. Putti were popular figures in European art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and represent Cupid, the Roman god of love. Chihuly's Putti play and dance atop classical formed vases. The case is made of black stainless steel frames and translucent glass walls, providing natural backlighting during the day. Fiber-optic lights illuminate the artwork at night. The Venetian Wall is a collection of some of the largest blown-glass works executed in the history of the medium.