Channel Mist Basket Special Edition

Channel Mist Basket Special Edition

8½ x 9½ x 9½"

Early in the developmental stages of the Basket series Chihuly began to explore translucency. With an intent to lure the eye past the exterior wall of the sculpture and into its interior environment, he combined small opaque elements within a larger transparent element.

Channel Mist Basket is a tonal study of this serene environmental concept. Interior elements of pale, opaque robin’s egg blue rest within an expansive transparent aquamarine Basket while a ribbon of oxblood red wraps the lip of each vessel and winds around each form to create spatial definition within this three-piece composition.

Channel Mist Basket is an edition of 75 and measures approximately eight and one-half inches in height. The artwork is accompanied by a custom-designed display case.

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Type Glass
Dimensions 8½ x 9½ x 9½"
Year 2015 and Older
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Color Blue
Series Baskets
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Edition of 75
Signed by the artist and etched with edition number
Approximately 8½" H x 9½" W x 9½" D
Accompanied by a 12 x 12" acrylic vitrine with a black base for display

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“With this series [Baskets], Chihuly liberated his glassblowing process from the restrictions of symmetry, allowing the glass to respond naturally to gravity.”

–Vera White, writer

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