Chihuly Persians

Chihuly Persians

Classical Greece, Persia, Byzantium, the Islamic world, Venice, and the art nouveau style can all be seen as source material for Dale Chihuly's Persian series, argues art historian Tina Oldknow in "An Ancient Legacy," her essay in Chihuly Persians. However, she concludes by saying, that "the impetus is the marvelous - la merveille - that other, magical world where the source of wonder and delight reside." Oldknow sets the stage for Chihuly Persians by reviewing the accomplishments of his artistic ancestors from the anonymous Egyptian makers of core-formed vessels from 1500 B.C. to Louis Comfort Tiffany. She then goes on to discuss in contemporary aesthetic terms Chihuly's Persian series, which began as a search for new forms in 1986. Particular attention is paid to their use in architectural contexts, and the author suggests a comparison with Persian gardens and carpets. Oldknow's thoughtful essay is illustrated by stunning examples of Chihuly's glass works with their swirling colors and exotic forms.

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12 x 10"
104 pages, 59 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-57684-004-7
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