Chihuly Silvered

Chihuly Silvered

By using silvered glass, Chihuly is able to extend the reflective quality of glass to manipulate the colors in his works and, in some cases, to magnify the dimensionality and articulation of form.

With an introduction by Jennifer Opie that places Chihuly’s silvered glass in its broader historical context, Chihuly Silvered is the first comprehensive survey of Chihuly’s work using silvered glass, showcasing the unique beauty of this series.

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“Extraordinary, magical glass is his stock-in-trade, and the Silvered series is among the most technically ambitious and aesthetically adventurous art of his career—so far.”

–Jennifer Opie

Additional Insights

Chihuly first experimented with the effects of silvered glass in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he began to explore the full range of possibilities that silvering glass could have for his work, particularly the Cylinders and Venetians series. The Silvered series that emerged from this experimentation is striking and singular for its stunning use of color and light.

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