Chihuly Venetians

Chihuly Venetians

The Venetians series marks a radical departure from the open organic shapes formed, as Chihuly has stated, from “fire, molten glass, human breath, spontaneity, centrifugal force and gravity”- which marked his early career. The design of the Venetians, though they share many of the programmatic qualities of the design work which preceded them, were developed along a new aesthetic logic which was derived from Chihuly’s interest in a private collection of Art Deco glass. From this locus, Chihuly teamed up with master Venetian glassblower Lino Tagliapietra to reconsider the elements of the traditional glass vessel by creating glass sculpture that simultaneously embraces and re-imagines tradition in Venetian glass art.

A companion DVD accompanies each book that includes artist commentary discussing the history of each series, all approximately 15 minutes in running time.

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Year 2016 and Older
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6½ x 6½"
112 pages, 76 color illustrations
DVD Running time: 15 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-57684-182-2
Item: BK8007

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