Artist's Proofs

During each curation of a limited Fine Art Print edition, Artist’s Proofs are selected and placed in Chihuly’s archive. Sporadically, years after the limited edition has sold out, these Artist’s Proofs are made available to collectors. Artist’s Proofs from woodblock print editions created in 2001 are now available. Featuring the bold silhouettes and energetic mark-making of Chihuly’s expressive hand, these rare Artist’s Proofs are signed in pencil by Chihuly and marked as AP.

Additional Details

Woodcut is a relief printing technique. Woodcut prints are produced from drawings made on a hard surface – a woodblock. The design is carved into the surface of the woodblock leaving certain areas level with the surface. The surface of the woodblock is inked, and the image is transferred to paper by the application of pressure. Woodcut prints featuring numerous colors require multiple woodblocks, as each can only transfer one color. The resulting print shows the image as the exact reverse of the drawing on the woodblock.

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