Eucalyptus Macchia

2019 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition

Eucalyptus Macchia

6½ x 11½ x 9”

Eucalyptus Macchia is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordered 2019 Studio Editions will ship after April 1, 2019. To pre-order, please call 800.574.7272 or email [email protected].

In 1981, as the Macchia series was in its developmental stage, Dale Chihuly began methodically exploring the chemical properties of colors to create compatible combinations. These "color studies" went on to inform Chihuly's technique of mixing opaque and transparent colors with glass powders, dusts, and jimmies (small chunks of colored glass), which has defined this monumental series for thirty-eight years.

The asymmetrical form of the 2019 Eucalyptus Macchia Studio Edition presents a lime-green landscape punctuated by bursts of saffron orange, canary yellow, and oxblood red. The shallow profile of this two-piece composition allows the interior panorama of rich marine blue to interact and complement the verdant exterior. A departure from Chihuly's classic Macchia forms, the Eucalyptus Macchia demonstrates feathery, light qualities typically blown in Chihuly's "pheasant" tradition.

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Type Glass
Dimensions 6½ x 11½ x 9”
Year 2019
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Color Blue, Green
Series Macchia
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Edition of 150
Signed by the artist and etched with edition number
Approximately 6½"H x 11½"W x 9"D
Accompanied by a 12 x 12" acrylic vitrine with a black base for display

Every year, Chihuly creates four Studio Editions, representing Chihuly’s most distinctive series. As every piece is handblown, your artwork may vary slightly in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glass blowing process and add to the individual characteristics of each piece.

Includes Chihuly: On Fire, a 212-page book profiling Chihuly's iconic series and featuring a comprehensive essay by acclaimed author Henry Adams.

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"The 'Macchia' series began with my waking up one day wanting to use all 300 of the colors in the hot shop."


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