Jade Green Seaform

2016 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition

Jade Green Seaform

4 x 7½ x 7½"

Harkening back to Chihuly’s earliest Seaforms, Jade Green Seaform luxuriates in a soft, organic color palette.

Washed in tones of aquatic green, this two-piece composition echoes the vestiges of these early works. The large element transitions from rich, saturated color at the top to a transparent base through which the smaller element, nestled within, can be distinguished. Deeper green “beads” resembling sea urchin markings striate the surface of each element and accentuate the visual allure of the entire sculpture. Each piece is highlighted with a citron lip wrap.

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Type Glass
Dimensions 4 x 7½ x 7½"
Year 2016
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Color Green, Yellow
Series Seaforms
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Signed by the artist
Approximately 4"H x 7½"W x 7½"D

Every year, Chihuly creates new Studio Editions, representing Chihuly’s most distinctive series. As every piece is handblown, your artwork may vary slightly in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glass blowing process and add to the individual characteristics of each piece.

Includes Chihuly: On Color and Form, a 120-page book with essays by Davira S. Taragin.

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“Glass is a very magical material, and what it does is allow light to go through it because it’s transparent or translucent. . . . It’s like looking at light itself, and that’s true with water.”


Additional Insights

Chihuly recruits the elemental forces of gravity in order to create the gracefully poised marine forms recognized as Seaforms. Chihuly’s innate use of color magnifies the influence of transparent light resulting in artwork that causes one to ask, “was it made by man, or was it made by nature?”

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