Laguna Persian

2018 Chihuly Studio Edition

Laguna Persian

6½ x 11 x 6"

Composed of two abstract and beguiling elements, the 2018 Studio Edition Laguna Persian communicates an ancient sensibility through a contemporary form. Bathed in lush emerald green, the artwork’s undulating waves are wound with a sinuous body wrap of golden amber, chartreuse, and oxblood red to reveal an internal candescence and inviting contrast. Spanish yellow lip wraps illuminate the scalloped edges of Laguna Persian, a Studio Edition that, through its back-to-back composition, conveys an intuitive exuberance for environment and form.



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Type Glass
Dimensions 6½ x 11 x 6"
Year 2018
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Color Green, Yellow
Series Persians
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Signed by the artist
Approximately 6½"H x 11"W x 6"D

Every year, Chihuly creates new Studio Editions, representing Chihuly’s most distinctive series. As every piece is handblown, your artwork may vary slightly in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glass blowing process and add to the individual characteristics of each piece.

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“The compositions of the Persians look as if they occurred by happenstance, while the fragility of the glass lends itself a special poignancy to these pieces because they appear to have survived time and pillaging.”

–Robert Hobbs

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