Nightfall Macchia

2015 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition

Nightfall Macchia

6½ x 8½ x 6½"

The Nightfall Macchia is a rich example of Chihuly’s sensibility for the suppleness of glass in a fusion of form and color.

Shifting hues of ultramarine, turquoise, and light aqua drench the exterior of its rippling form, while bright crimson “jimmies,” small chips of colored glass, are scattered across the surface, adding dimension and depth. The rich aubergine interior provides a profound, subterranean contrast. Combined, these qualities contribute to the illusion of a beautiful gem mined from the depths of the earth.

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Type Glass
Dimensions 6½ x 8½ x 6½"
Year 2015 and Older
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Color Blue, Purple, Red
Series Macchia
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Signed by the artist
Approximately 6½"H x 8½"W x 6½"D
Accompanied by a 10 x 10" acrylic vitrine with a black base for display

Every year, Chihuly creates four Studio Editions, representing Chihuly’s most distinctive series. As every piece is handblown, your artwork may vary slightly in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glass blowing process and add to the individual characteristics of each piece.

Includes Chihuly Macchia, a compact hardcover book with a DVD and essay by Davira S. Taragin on the historical and aesthetic contexts of this series.

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Additional Insights

The elements of earth and nature converge in Chihuly’s innovative Macchia series. Minerals from the earth contribute to the vibrant and dynamic pigments that constitute the rich hues and spots of color joined to the flowing ribbed forms created intuitively through the force of gravity.

The series name itself harks back to nature. Art historian Robert Hobbs observes, “When Chihuly appropriates the term ‘Macchia’ for his series, he gives back to the word some of its traditional meanings, particularly the emphasis on spontaneity, on artistic collaboration with technique rather than mere control of it, and on close kinship between artist and nature.”

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