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Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem

Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem


Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

July 1, 1999–November 1, 2000

More than one million visitors saw Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000.

“The Jerusalem project started with lunch at my kitchen table with Izzika and Yaffa Gaon. They had visited Venice when I hung Chandeliers, over the canals, and we all thought an installation project would be great for Israel. We discussed locations and the Citadel Tower of David Museum presented itself as an extraordinary location for such a project. When Izzika died shortly after, I flew to Jerusalem for his memorial service, and met Shosh Yaniv the museum director, and she gave me a tour of the Citadel. I was overwhelmed with the Citadel and Jerusalem, which I had visited once before in 1962. Shosh and I were determined to find a way to do this project in Izzika's memory.”

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