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Acquiring Chihuly Artwork

To explore original and edition artwork, contact Chihuly Studio or a representing gallery.

Inquire about Artwork

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Hosting an exhibition

Britt Cornett
Director, Exhibitions

[email protected]

Media Inquiries

To download Media Kit, request image use, or access resources, please visit our Media Inquiries page.

Catherine Coughlin
Sharp Think

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Protecting the Chihuly Legacy

Safeguarding an artist’s intellectual property is vital to ensuring the authenticity of their work, and ultimately, their legacy.

Students & Researchers

While we are not able to respond to individual requests for resources, extensive information is offered on this website.

Chihuly Studio Gallery

About Chihuly Studio

Chihuly Studio is the working studio of artist Dale Chihuly. The Studio supports the artist’s unyielding creativity, which has spanned more than five decades.

General Inquiries

Chihuly Studio
Tel 206.781.8707
Fax 206.781.1906
[email protected]

Website Feedback

We welcome your feedback!
Please send comments to [email protected]

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Where may I find more information about the life of Dale Chihuly?

A.  Visit the LIFE section of the website to read an interview with Dale, view a timeline of his career and read external perspectives on Dale’s impact.

Q.  May I visit Chihuly Studio?

A.  Chihuly Studio is closed to the public. Chihuly Garden and Glass, located at the base of the Space Needle, is open to the public. For more information, visit

Q. How do I acquire permission to use Chihuly-owned images and videos, and content featuring Chihuly artwork in promotional material?

A. For copyright clearance, please contact Artists Rights Society. Please note that all images of Chihuly artwork are protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Q. Is The Boathouse available for events?

A: Yes. Normally closed to the public, this unique space is available for a select number of events. Click here for more information.

Q.  Where do I see Chihuly Artwork?

A.  There are several permanent and temporary exhibitions around the United States where you can experience Chihuly artwork.  For a full list, visit the Exhibitions page.  Additionally, you can visit a representative gallery. Please contact the gallery in advance to ensure artwork is on display.

Q. I have artwork that I believe is Chihuly.  Do you provide appraisals or authentication?

A. Chihuly Studio does not authenticate or appraise artwork. We suggest you contact a qualified independent appraiser.  

Q.  How do I get information about a specific artwork?

A.  Contact us via our Inquire Form or call 206.781.8707.

Q. How do I acquire Chihuly artwork?

A.  If you are interested in original artwork, please contact us via our Inquire Form or call 206.781.8707, or contact a representative gallery. We also offer edition artwork on our website. For assistance with edition artwork, contact 800.574.7272.

Q. What is the difference between original artwork and edition artwork?

A. Original artwork refers to one-of-a-kind glass sculpture and two-dimensional works of art and can be viewed on our website, at representative galleries, and in exhibitions and select museum collections. Please contact us via our Inquire Form or call 206.781.8707, if you are interested in acquiring original artwork.

Edition artwork refers to glass and prints created in multiples. Edition artwork can be viewed and acquired on our website or at select museums and galleries. For assistance with edition artwork, contact 800.574.7272.

Q.  How do you safely ship artwork?

A. Chihuly Studio has developed the highest standards, methods, and reputation for transporting artwork safely and efficiently across the globe. To date, we have a less than one-percent breakage rate.

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