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Chihuly creates Edition Artwork, in glass and prints, which celebrates some of his most notable series.

Edition Artwork

Chihuly began exploring printmaking techniques such as lithography, intaglio, drypoint, and woodcut, with fine art print masters in the 1980s. The result of this work is a series of limited-edition, fine art prints which recall Chihuly’s work in glass and express his unmistakable drawing style.
In 1994, Chihuly began creating Studio Edition glass sculptures drawn from his most iconic series—Baskets, Seaforms, Macchia, and Persians. Handblown, as are his original works, these artworks are created in multiples, exhibiting slight variations in color and form.


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Studio Edition Glass

Vibrant and dynamic, Studio Edition Glass embodies Chihuly’s creative spirit. These limited editions are offered annually and signed by the artist.

Fine Art Prints

Chihuly creates limited-edition prints which evoke his work in glass. Fine Art Prints are numbered and signed by Chihuly.

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