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Protecting the Chihuly Legacy

Protecting the Chihuly Legacy

Safeguarding an artist’s intellectual property is vital to ensuring the authenticity of their work, and ultimately, their legacy.

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What Makes Chihuly Artwork Unique 

Dale Chihuly has created a dynamic body of work over his 50+ year career. Regardless of the series, each Chihuly artwork is the result of personal investment, experimentation, artistic expression and is deserving of protection. 

Chihuly creates setworks by using unique processes that ensure design integrity, while still allowing for subtle variation as the individual pieces require. Each series has distinguishing aesthetic qualities. For example, the collapsing form of the Baskets series, or Chihuly’s mastery of color celebrated in the Macchia series. 

Similarly, Chihuly creates every Installation with a site-specific sensitivity to its environment, and Chihuly Drawings are one-of-a-kind creations. Chihuly’s Studio Edition Glass and Fine Art Prints derive inspiration from the artist’s original series. However, the works are at a different scale, have a different price point, and are limited editions.

Our Commitment to Protection of the Chihuly Artwork and the Chihuly Name 

The Chihuly name signifies to the public the distinctive and high quality of artwork sold by Chihuly Studio and Chihuly Workshop. As a globally renowned artist with more than 50 years of creating vital works in a variety of media, Dale Chihuly is vulnerable to individuals and entities who seek to improperly benefit from his creativity and work. As a result, we take intellectual property protection seriously. 

Dale Chihuly’s works are protected by copyright starting at the moment of creation, and continuing even after a work is sold or displayed. We have also registered trademarks and protect Chihuly’s rights of publicity and moral rights, so that only artwork designed and created by him may be legally sold under the Chihuly name. Consequently, Chihuly Studio continually monitors marketplaces for threats to Chihuly’s intellectual property rights, such as counterfeits, knockoffs, and artwork using the Chihuly name without permission.

What You Can Do

This website features descriptions and images of Chihuly artwork that may help you distinguish artwork created by Chihuly from artwork that is not.  We can work together to make sure that the Chihuly name remains synonymous with the original  works and aesthetic developed throughout Dale Chihuly’s long career. Counterfeit artwork introduced to the marketplace devalues Chihuly’s legacy and artwork, compromises the art industry’s credibility, and diminishes buyer confidence. 

Chihuly Studio counts on the support of vigilant Chihuly collectors and enthusiasts to bring to light potential violations of Chihuly’s rights. If you suspect artwork or merchandise you encounter may be counterfeit or infringe upon those rights, please send a notification to [email protected], with information to help us identify the seller, such as name, website address, product descriptions and contact information, as available. 


Chihuly-owned images and videos, and any content featuring Chihuly artwork, must receive copyright clearance. To request permission, please contact Artists Rights Society.

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