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Neon 206, 2017

Neon 206, 2017


The Groninger Museum exhibition will present bodies of work created throughout Chihuly’s five-decade career in both indoor and outdoor settings. Highlights of the multimedia exhibition include the artist’s most recent works, Rotolo and Glass on Glass, along with his innovative Baskets, dramatic installations of Neon, Fiori and Icicles, and demonstrations of creative communication-style. The exhibition marks the artist’s largest exhibition in a European museum in the last 20 years.


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Mille Fiori

Mille Fiori, 2018, 7 x 35 x 16'

Red Reeds

Red Reeds (detail), 2010

Grand Stairwell Installation

Grand Stairwell Installation, 2018, 23 x 64½ x 2'

Fire Orange Baskets

Fire Orange Baskets (detail)

Radiant Yellow Icicle Chandelier

Radiant Yellow Icicle Chandelier, 2018, 11 x 6 x 6'

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