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Neon 206, 2017

Neon 206, 2017


The Groninger Museum exhibition will present bodies of work created throughout Chihuly’s five-decade career in both indoor and outdoor settings. Highlights of the multi-media exhibition include the artist’s most recent works, Rotolo and Glass on Glass, along with his innovative Baskets, dramatic installations of Neon, Fiori and Icicles, and demonstrations of creative communication-style. The exhibition marks the artist’s largest exhibition in a European museum in the last 20 years.


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Mille Fiori

Mille Fiori, 2018, 7 x 35 x 16'

Red Reeds

Red Reeds (detail), 2010

Grand Stairwell Installation

Grand Stairwell Installation, 2018, 23 x 64½ x 2'

Fire Orange Baskets

Fire Orange Baskets (detail)

Radiant Yellow Icicle Chandelier

Radiant Yellow Icicle Chandelier, 2018, 11 x 6 x 6'

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