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Golden Sapphire Basket Set with Dark Blue Lip Wraps, 2017, 13 x 24 x 24"

Inviting irregularity

Dale Chihuly has often called Baskets the most innovative work he’s done. Experimenting with the use of fire, gravity and centrifugal force, Chihuly found new ways to create asymmetrical vessels with thin, undulating walls. He often groups them in sets, with several small pieces nested within larger, wide-mouthed forms.

Golden Celadon Basket Set with Drawing Shard, 2018, 10 x 21 x 22"

Goldenrod Basket Set with Oxblood Lip Wraps, 2001, 12 x 27 x 26"

Emeraude Green Basket Set with Black Lip Wraps, 1999, 14 x 19 x 10"

Rose Basket Set with Oxblood Lip Wraps, 2000, 21 x 21 x 21"


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A new take on traditional artforms

Chihuly has long been fascinated by the natural beauty of Native American arts, particularly weaving and basketry. These traditional artforms have had a profound influence on Chihuly’s work throughout his career, particularly his Baskets and Cylinders.

Basket Drawing, 1980, 30 x 22"

Chihuly’s first major drawing series

Sketches and paintings are an essential part of Chihuly’s artistic process, informing his glasswork, and vice-versa. His first major drawing series, Basket Drawings, embraces gesture and spontaneity, allowing Chihuly to explore this series in two dimensions.

"I had seen some beautiful Northwest Coast Indian baskets at the Washington State Historical Society, and I was struck by the grace of their slumped, sagging forms. I wanted to capture this grace in glass."


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