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Blue and Purple Boat, 2006, 5 x 17½ x 9', Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, installed 2021

Glass in Nature

Chihuly first filled boats with glass in Nuutajärvi, Finland, during the 1995 Chihuly Over Venice project. After several days of glassblowing, he started tossing glass forms into the Nuutajoki river to see how they would look in the environment. The glass was retrieved in wooden boats by local teenagers, inspiring Chihuly to begin massing forms into boats.

Leslie Jackson and Dale Chihuly
Nuutajärvi, Finland, 1995

The Boat (detail), 1995
Nuutajärvi, Finland

Float Boat, 2014, 3½ x 16 x 5½'
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, installed 2021

Fiori Boat, 2018, 6½ x 24½ x 8'
Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, Nashville, installed 2020

“I’ve always loved to place my work outside, as the backdrop of nature gives me so many different environments to explore and the natural light really suits my work.”


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