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Tiger Striped Ikebana with Cobalt Stem and Russet Leaf, 1992, 57 x 32 x 15"

Organic and otherworldly

An evolution of the Venetian series, Ikebana pieces are inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement. They feature long-stemmed flowers and leaves of glass, presented dramatically in vase-like vessels. Chihuly often places Ikebana in garden settings, creating a new harmony of art and nature.

Dappled Orange Ikebana with Yellow Flowers and Peach Stem, 2018, 40 x 42 x 14"

Silvered Amber Ikebana with Clear and Russet Stems, 2018, 77 x 35 x 30"

Mottled Peacock Blue Ikebana with Stem and Leaf, 2018, 52 x 42 x 16"

Cloisonne Blue Ikebana with Orange and Cobalt Frog Feet, 2002, 55 x 29 x 16"

Dappled Carmine Ikebana with Citron Aqua Stems, 2018, 52 x 36 x 17"

Ikebana Installation, 1992, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Ikebana in their natural environment

Chihuly has long recognized the potential for integrating Ikebana within garden settings. Featured in gardens, glasshouses and conservatories, the Ikebana bring a sense of fantasy to their natural surroundings.


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Spectacular en masse

Chihuly’s Ikebana take on a new majesty when many of them are displayed together, as entwined blossoms and vines. Chihuly created this freestanding circular relief of Ikebana as a permanent installation for Union Station in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington.

Lackawanna Ikebana, 1994, 18 x 18 x 18', Union Station, Tacoma, Washington

Dale Chihuly with team members working on Lackawanna Ikebana, 1994

“The quintessential Ikebana would be a Venetian, perhaps with some other forms on it, with a long stem coming out of it, perhaps two or three stems. And it might be six feet high.”


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