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Jerusalem Cylinders

Jerusalem Cylinders

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Baltic Amber Crystals, 2010, 19 x 21 x 17"

Bold chunks of glass

With large, jagged glass crystals fused onto cylinders, the Jerusalem Cylinders series presents a difficult challenge to produce, requiring careful choreography within the hotshop. These bold, chunky forms are inspired by the massive walls of the Citadel in Jerusalem, commemorating the Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000 exhibition.

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Jade Crystals

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Jade Crystals, 2010, 18 x 27 x 27"

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Indigo Crystals, 2012, 13 x 20 x 18"

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Amethyst Crystals, 2012, 18 x 13 x 15"

Silvered Jerusalem Cylinder with Red Amber Crystals, 2010, 30 x 22 x 19"


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Jerusalem Wall of Ice, 1999, 13 x 54', Jerusalem

Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem

This historic exhibition was visited by more than one million visitors in 2000. It featured a dramatic range of innovative and challenging installations, including a wall made from ice blocks flown in all the way from Alaska.

Loading blocks of Alaskan Ice, 1999

Jerusalem Wall of Ice installation process, 1999

Fax sketch of Jerusalem Cylinders, 1999

Faxing sketches and ideas

Sketches and notes sent via fax have been key to Chihuly’s creative process. He has been known to send thousands of faxes a year to share his ideas with others, including this note Chihuly wrote to his son about his work in Jerusalem.

“I've always wanted to do a series of blown objects with chunks of crystals on them—I love the look of glass crystals.”


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