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Opal and Amber Towers, 2018, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, installed 2019

Freestanding and Soaring

Towers are freestanding, soaring sculptures which evolved from the Chandeliers. Chihuly experiments with scale and form to create Tower installations in response to the architectural or natural settings in which the work will be placed, including historic cities, museums, and botanical gardens around the world.  

Marine Blue and Citron Tower, 2021, Dale Chihuly

Marine Blue and Citron Tower, 2021, 15 x 8½ x 8½'

Summer Sun, 2010, Dale Chihuly

Summer Sun, 2010, 15 x 14 x 13½'

Icicle Tower, 2014, Dale Chihuly

Colorado, 2014, 14½ x 8½ x 8½', Denver Botanic Gardens

Lime Green Icicle Tower, 2009, Dale Chihuly

Lime Green Icicle Tower, 2009, and Black and Green Striped Herons and Green Grass, 2015

Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower, 2001, Dale Chihuly

Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower, 2001, 57 x 7'

Paintbrush Tower, 2014, Dale Chihuly

Paintbrush Tower, 2014, 10½ x 9 x 9'

“I love to juxtapose the manmade and the natural to make people wonder, are they manmade or did they come from nature? That’s a very important part of my work.”


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