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Chihuly Workshop Announces Newest Print

Red Palm

Chihuly Workshop announces the release of its newest print, Red Palm.

Red Palm combines two of Chihuly’s most iconic series in glass, revealing his passion for assemblage, variation in form, and brilliant color selections. The metallic background of this new serigraph shifts tonally in various levels of light, baring a warm pewter luster. On opposite sides of the red and yellow hand-brushed form that Chihuly refers to as Ikebana are two groupings of Reeds. Projecting upward, each Reed defines, yet breaks past, the boundaries of the paper’s edge. Red Palm is a six-color serigraph with handwork iterating Chihuly’s continual exploration of his work in glass and its translation onto paper. This edition of 125 is numbered in pencil and signed in acrylic paint.

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