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New Exhibition Highlights Friendship Between Chihuly and Sir Paul Smith

Kingfisher Persian

2022 Kingfisher Persian Studio Edition

For the first time, Chihuly is collaborating with British designer Sir Paul Smith, on an exhibition of Chihuly Studio Edition glass sculptures and prints. Paul Curates: Chihuly at Albemarle Street is a tribute to the longstanding friendship between Chihuly, Smith, and Leslie Chihuly, which began with a serendipitous encounter at Smith’s Albemarle Street shop.

“From the beginning, we had so much in common and just felt completely at ease in each other’s company,” said Smith about that first meeting.

Chihuly echoed Smith’s recollection of their creative connection, “Paul’s intuitive use of color and his design aesthetic are admirable, and both were immediately familiar to me.”

Chihuly, Leslie Jackson Chihuly, and Paul Smith, 2019

Chihuly, Leslie Jackson Chihuly, and Paul Smith, 2019

That first meeting, which led to the discovery of a shared interest in collecting, and a mutual admiration of one another’s creative aesthetics and use of color, has now led to this presentation of Chihuly’s artwork amid Smith’s curated environments. The concept was borne by Leslie Chihuly, President and CEO of Chihuly Studio, and quickly embraced by both creatives.

“When Leslie suggested this concept of creating conversation between my work and Paul’s, I was excited by the prospect of showing my work in his shop, surrounded by his curated environments,” said Chihuly. For Smith, the exhibition is an opportunity to “. . . reflect our joint love of color.”

To celebrate the occasion, we invite you to a special online viewing room featuring one-of-a-kind artwork by Chihuly that was selected by Smith. This special digital exhibition is on view October 20 through November 17, 2022. Paul Curates: Chihuly at Albemarle Street is on view at Smith’s Mayfair shop in London through February 2023.

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