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Two Chihuly Exhibitions Open in Dublin

Seaver Leslie and Chihuly at Dublin Castle, 2014

The Irish public has the unique opportunity to see the work of Chihuly with two major exhibitions opening today in Dublin.

At Dublin Castle, visitors will see a body of work revisited by Chihuly, Seaver Leslie, Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick, the Ulysses Cylinders. Working from a series of drawings, sketches and paintings, a series of hollow gold cylindrical vessels were created carrying imagery inspired by the Ulysses novel. Leslie developed drawings based on different chapters from Ulysses, creating a visual expression of the written word. The Cylinders follow the timeline of Ulysses, while describing the principal characters of Leopold and Molly Bloom, and Stephen Daedalus, in vignettes of their escapades around Dublin. Mace and Kirkpatrick translated Leslie’s drawings into glass drawings, which were picked up onto Chihuly's Cylinders.    

The Ulysses Cylinders are on view at Dublin Castle until August 23. 

Simultaneously at Solomon Fine Art, a selection of Chihuly's signature artworks is on view until July 31.  

Watch the team working on the Ulysses Cylinders.

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