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Winter Brilliance Unveiled at Barneys New York

Winter Brilliance, 2015, Barneys New York, New York (Photo by Tom Sibley)

Barneys New York commissioned Chihuly to create Winter Brilliance for this season’s Madison Avenue central holiday window. After seeing images of Chihuly’s iconic Icicle Creek Chandelier, a permanent outdoor installation in the Cascade Mountains of the artist’s home state of Washington, Barneys’ creative director Dennis Freedman thought the concept would work well for Chillin’ Out, the 2015 holiday window theme. Winter Brilliance combines several star-like Chandeliers and Towers within a darkened window space. Barneys partnered with Christie 360, which is known for its lighting animation and digital display technology, to choreograph special lighting effects. This is the first time Chihuly has used 3D digital mapping and choreographed lighting to illuminate an installation. Visitors will experience an interpretation of fire and ice projected onto the artwork, which is made of 700 hand-blown glass elements. The viewer experience will be accompanied by musical selections from Claude Debussy’s “La Mer,” one of Chihuly’s favorite pieces. Chihuly is delighted that so many people will be able to see and enjoy his artwork over the holiday season.

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