Chihuly Garden Installations

Chihuly Garden Installations

Chihuly Garden Installations showcases the ever-fascinating arrangement of Chihuly’s unique glass sculptures among the natural beauty of the plants, flowers, and landscapes of some of the world’s most prominent gardens and conservatories.

This handsomely illustrated book follows Chihuly’s investigation of outdoor site-specific installations—beginning with Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, to Chihuly’s installation at Cheekwood in Nashville.

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10 x 12½”
400 pages
Essays by David Ebony and Tim Richardson
ISBN: 978-1-41970-103-0
Item: BK1070

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“I want my work to look like it just happened, as if it were made by nature.”


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Tracing the correspondence between his art and botanical life, Chihuly Garden Installations shows how the exchange between art and nature can shift from the harmonious and tranquil to stunning juxtapositions of scale and color.

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